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Ben Matus

Ben Matus

Executive Director, Client Services

Ben is responsible for leading and managing the company’s overall relationship with key clients, with a focus on providing strategic direction and insight. His 16 years of agency digital marketing experience at Cadient-within the healthcare, consumer products, and retail industries-was preceded by client-side experience directing e-business initiatives for Johnson & Johnson.

We do have to admit that we all roll our eyes just a little when Ben starts talking about his “passion” for developing innovative digital strategies.

Josh voluck

Josh voluck

Director, Client Services

With over 17 years at Cadient, Josh brings decades of broad product and therapeutic experience to the table at every meeting he leads. He has a particular knack for directing cross-functional teams of Design, Content, UX, Strategy, PMO, and Technical Teams to deliver truly innovative solutions to our healthcare client companies. He also has a pretty good track record of delivering value and efficiency at scale, we might add.

To be honest, Josh’s deep understanding of all aspects of pharma life cycle including clinical, consumer, HCP, payer, and salesforce sometimes makes our heads spin a bit.

Anja humbler

Anja Huebler

Executive Creative Director

Every now and then, you meet someone like Anja. She brings both left-and right-brain mentalities to the role of ECD. She has a strong business acumen and a unique sense of creative direction, coupled with a breadth of experience across a broad range of industries. With over 15 years of proven leadership, Anja is able to impart her unique blend of creative problem-solving and strategic business experience across the entire team.

Left brain… right brain… all brain. Anja is a one-of-a-kind talent that’s hard to keep up with, but we're all happy to keep trying.

Charles walker

Charles walker

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Charlie is responsible for advancing the strategic and operational leadership of Cadient’s network. Charlie brings more than 15 years of experience in agency operations, client services, and technology product development and implementation to our team. Prior to joining Cadient, Charlie was Chief Operating Officer of G2 Interactive, a digital marketing agency, and WPP company, where he oversaw agency operations and client services.

A biker at heart, and a great proponent of leadership by example, Charlie will only occasionally tell us to "do as I say, not as I do."

Tim nelson

Tim nelson

Director, Creative Services

Tim possesses strong skill sets in both creative and technical areas, which comes in handy because he leads and manages our Creative, UX, and Information Architecture teams at Cadient. His background in digital media includes leading our teams focusing on creative production and development of rich media solutions involving video, audio, animation, and other multimedia technologies and formats. And his decades of experience includes 15 years of heavy focus in the pharmaceutical/life sciences arena.

Pretty heady stuff, but here’s the thing. If you ever catch Tim taking himself too seriously, you will definitely be the first to do so.

Stacy davis

Stacy davis

Director, Content Strategy, Origination and Development

All Stacey does is supervise the overall content strategy, content creation, and editorial management across the whole agency here at Cadient. Oh, and she handles the heavy lifting herself writing for some of our key life sciences clients. Her 25+ years of solid copywriting and creative leadership experience-and a diverse therapeutic background—have set the stage for enabling Stacey to be the human dynamo that she is.

All that being said, the most important thing to know about Stacey is our theory that her previous experience writing for brands like Nabisco and M&M Mars contributes to her habit of keeping several containers of candy in her office well-stocked at all times.

Shweta Neville

Shweta Neville

Director, Technology Services

With over 12 years leading technology engagements at Cadient, including a special focus on portal and app frameworks for life sciences clients, Shweta is a key part of making our work actually “happen” online. She serves as the company’s principal liaison between market strategy & technology, and has provided product leadership on multiple HCP, patient, and employee portals and apps. Sweta is all about engagement excellence, with a focus on delivering best-in-class solutions, managing the client relationship, and providing project governance.

Oh, and she’s also excellent at finding ways to bring our sometimes seemingly crazy ideas to life out in the digital world.

Maria swope

Maria swope

Senior Director, Project Management

One of Maria’s jobs is to manage and mentor the project managers who work with the cross-functional teams at Cadient to keep the work on track. Then again, Maria also develops the operational methods and processes that ensure client deliverables are made as promised and on time, as well as the systems and solutions that help make the agency run for all of us. Over her more than 20 years of agency experience-beginning as one of the founding members of the interactive media agency that ultimately became Cadient-Maria has worn a lot of hats.

So, on the one hand, it’s easy to look at Maria’s role as kind of a jack-of-all-trades. But the simple truth is that it’s more honest to say that she pretty much runs the place.