At Cadient, we take a human-forward approach to transforming the digital experience.


About Cadient

The life sciences digital agency of Cognizant.

As associates within an experiential company, we believe that collaboration is foundational to creating the ultimate brand experience. And collaboration starts with listening—to our clients, their customers, and each other.

Over the course of 25 years and 50+ launch engagements, we’ve asked a lot of questions, which in turn have helped us build a lot of answers. We’ve worked in more than 40 therapeutic areas across a broad spectrum of channels. Of particular significance is our experience in respiratory, neuroscience, pain, oncology, immunology, and women’s health. We’ve crafted experiences for primary care physicians, specialty physicians, pharmacists, nurses, support staff, and their patients. And our expertise includes 1st/best-in-class innovations in app development, social media, congresses, and interactive detailing.

40+ therapy categoriesFrom high-science to high-touch, our experience spans the breadth of today’s therapeutic categories.

7 global officesWe serve clients around the globe with offices in Philadelphia and Malvern (USA), Bristol (UK), Cologne (Germany), Chenai and Pune (India), and Buenos Aires (Argentina).

51 Launch engagementsFrom small startups to pharmaceutical giants, across all kinds of therapies and across the globe, we've been there, done that.

We believe our unique spirit of collaboration, life science depth, content marketing expertise, and cultural savvy is integral to success.